Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Too Much Wine?

Have you had too much wine or is it your glass? You be the judge. These handmade, stemless glasses from UncommonGoods have a slightly off-center base allowing the glass to rock gently. Perfect to use for a cocktail party or a housewarming gift. No matter when or where you use these off-center glasses your guests will definitely be buzzing about them. Pick up your Wine Tumblers today and watch them dance! ($50 set of 4)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

For The Man In Your Life

Don't know what to buy your man? Tired of giving him the same old gifts? This brushed stainless-steel bracelet ($75) gives your man a modern flare with appealing to his urban, hip side. This substantial brushed-stainless-steel link bracelet is interwoven with black rubber, giving it a casual elegance and unique edge. So stop the tired gift giving and surprise him with this clean, masculine bracelet.

Blanket or Best Friend???

Awe - well that is what I said when I say this, take me back to when I was just a few months old PLEASE, comfy cozy ducky and frog. I want to wrap myself up in this plush soft Comfy Cozy Ducky or Comfy Cozy Frog made by Gund. So if you see me wrapped in the Frog you know I'm just sneaking back a few minutes from my precious childhood. Do yourself and your favorite little person a favor give them the gift of both a plush friend and a comphy blanket- They will be sure to thank you later.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Add a Little Flavor to your Water

Now you can have flavored water at your fingertips. Now you can purchase flavor cartridges to use with your "Pur Water Filtration System", so you can turn your plain tap water into mouthwatering fruit flavors. The Pur Water Filtration System fits right on to your faucet and you plug the cartriges into the water filter. A press of a button later and you are adding flavor to your life. Flavor cartridges come in Strawberry, Peach, and Raspberry, and provide up to 75 glasses worth of flavoring. The flavoring contains no sugar, no fat, and no carbs. The cartridges are sold in your local supermarket - go ahead and pick one up today!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Eco-Friendly from Juice Box to Purse

Recycling isn't just seperating your cans and bottles. It's looking for new ways to use old products. Here is an ethical shopping/eco-friendly idea - a Juice Purse. Yes that's right even old juice boxes can be fashionable. Now you can be transformed to a conscientious shopper with a sense of individuality and style. Recycled Juice Bags Check them out - just don't try to drink them.

Moving Made Easier

Moving doesn't have to be difficult anymore. It doesn't matter if you are moving across the country or just down the street this Moving Kit will keep you organized. It has everything you need from change of address cards to stickers for labeling your moving boxes. Now this is a great feature because I don't know about you but my boxes end up with a bunch of writing on them that I have a hard time deciphering when I actually get to my destination. What a great gift for recent grads or a friend who is making a move - when moving get hectic the Moving Kit keeps it together.

Outdoor Eating Made Easy

With this Outdoor Meal Kit by Light My Fire ($24) you will never feel unprepared. The kit contains everything you need to eat a meal ANYWHERE - With two plates, spill-free cup, collander and cutting board and a small "spork" all neatly packaged in a small waterproof box your next outdoor meal is sure to be an adventure. Bon Appetit!

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Perfect Summer Dress

This Fields of Gold dress puts the sun in your summer wardrobe with it's bright beautiful pattern. Perfect for a day in the city, shopping with the girls or a stroll by the beach it will definately make heads turn. It has an elastic tube top, high waist and flowing mid-length skirt making it flattering for all body types and priced at $30 it's a steal. You don't have to wait for this one to go on clearance.

Color YOUR Outside

Add a little color to your outside world this summer. This

Mosaic Glass Lantern from Lotus White is handmade and will have your outside sparkling. I burn a votive in mine and love to sit and watch the fire dance against the glass. Hurry this lantern is on sale now but who knows for how long.

Legend of Zelda Around Your Waist

Yup, that's right you can now wear your favorite video game around your waist. This white belt features the map from the original Legend of Zelda and has an embroidered Link with his sword. It's an action packed video game going on around your waist all day. Enjoy it - you will be the talk of the town.

Love Cakes - Cake Love is for YOU!

Brownies, Cupcakes, Scones, Wedding Cakes OH MY! Cakelove located in Washington, DC makes cakes from scratch that melt in your mouth and satisfy even the pickiest critic. All the baked goods are made from scratch daily. So go ahead and give your mouth a treat it will be thanking you for days! Wether you need a birthday cake, wedding cake, celebration cake or just want to treat yourself to a brownie or cupcake RUN to Cakelove.

Pink Lemonade for the Shower

Invigorate your senses with Philosophy's Pink Lemonade Hot Salt Shower and Tub Scrub ($25). When life dishes you lemons get into the shower and wash with Pink Lemonade. It will wash ay your worries along with exfoliating your skin leaving you silky smooth and smelling scrumptious.

Art - Pictures and Words

Curt's work screams - "I understand you," "I know what you are feeling" and "I am going to put pictures and words together to describe it to the world." After reading his work a smile will creep across your face and you too will understand. It's uplifting, funny and pure. Check out Curt today!

Clean and Green - Organic Baby Wash

Bring a bit of good, clean fun to bath time with this bubbly blend of natural fruit and flower essences. Little Twig provides organic products for children and babies. These washes contains skin-softening Vitamin E, skin-soothing calendula-with a light, lively citrus-rosemary scent. (SALE $7.99)

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