Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fun For Fall - SHOES

They are Plaid and Mary Janes - need I say more? I absolutely love these shoes - For fall you can pair them with a mini and tights or your favorite black pants. Chinese Laundry
presents the Colby Plaid round toe pumps for a steal at $69.00. Mary Janes are definitely a FALL SHOE TREND to watch!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

STOP Junk Mail

I rush to the mailbox, pull out this huge stack of mail thinking "wow there are a lot of people who love me or I must owe a lot of people a lot of money" but it's neither I am quickly slapped with the harsh reality of JUNK MAIL. We all get it - and it comes in different forms, from what looks like hand written envelopes to over sized junk newspapers. I am sick of it and have you ever wondered how many trees are being killed to just throw in the trash - well I did and that's when I found 41 Pounds . It was started by 3 brothers to reduce the amount of junk mail we receive. Did you know we receive approximately 41 pounds of junk mail PER YEAR. That's 100 million trees being destroyed just to fill your mailboxes with junk. And as if that wasn't enough the energy used to produce and dispose of junk mail exceeds 2.8 million cars. Yes, that's right by reducing your junk mail you are helping to SAVE THE PLANET. So check it out - Go to 41 Pounds today!

Friday, August 24, 2007

GAP - Does it again!

Yes, that's right - they have impressed me once again. Last month I blogged about their Menswear Inspired Dress, which I must say I have seen on the street and it is a wonderful looking dress, and now they have another MUST HAVE - behold the Striped Trapeze Ruffle Top. You will want to pair this with your favorite jeans or even dress pants. The trapeze shape accentuates your figure while the ruffled front and shirred puff sleeves make a fashion statement all on their own. Do yourself and your wardrobe a favor and add a few new items. At $40 this is a great deal!


After perusing the net to keep you informed of the latest and greatest "trendy" items I came across this amazing website. It's called Global Girlfriend. It was created to help women worldwide gain economic security while providing unique products and a simple way to help women in need. This woman boutique offers trendy clothing, handbags, accessories, jewelry and home items all to benefit women. All the items are handmade and benefit women's co-ops and nonprofit organizations that support woman's rights around the globe. There were just too many great items to choose from - I couldn't just put one so do yourself and the women around the globe a favor - visit the Global Girlfriend website - purchase your favorite "trendy" item and flex your GIRL POWER!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Feel Your Boobies - For Charity

Everyone loves BOOBIES and I am no exception so when I heard there was a site called FEELYOURBOOBIES.COM I rushed to see what it was all about. Here's the scoop - was started by a young cancer survivor just to get a laugh from her friends. It's has grown into a full-fledge NATIONAL awareness campaign spreading the word to young women about the importance of self breast exams, breast cancer awareness, etc. The clothes, stickers and other feel your boobies paraphernalia is just great - and I giggle every time I see it or read it. Go to FEELYOURBOOBIES.COM support a great cause and have fun Feeling your Boobies.

Stay Tuned.....

Beginning next week I will start my series "Fun For Fall." Each week we will look at fall fashion in different categories from head to toe. So Stay Tuned and get ready to tell me what you think of each trend.

For Your Aching Muscles

Long day, hard workout whatever the case may be do I have the answer your muscles have been screaming for...Ta Da I present you Biggs & Featherbelle's Muscle Soak. It's 14 oz. of pure bliss made from all-natural vegetable oils, nut butters, sea salts, ginger and fragrant botanical oils, including marjoram and clary sage. From the minute you begin your luxurious bath your muscles will relax and so will your mind with the lingering lavendar scent. So this week pamper yourself and let me know how you like it- I know I will.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Posh & Becks - Fashionable?

Posh and Becks are here to stay - and I can truly say I am happy about that, well ok, just the Becks. From his full suited body of hotness to his scantly-clad cover of W the Becks knows fashion. Now on the other hand we have Victoria. From the Spice Girls days of being the center of attention -while the other girls were wearing bold colors Posh stood out in her full black attire, while they smiled she scowled so it's no news while in LA and traveling the US Victoria's style, or lack-there-of is something we are going to recognize. Check out these two glimpses. Here she is pictured in skinny jeans and pumps - this definitely gets a wink from me - she looks well put together and the jacket and sunglasses complete the outfit.

On the flip side it looks like Victoria needs to read the BRA & PANTY RULES - no she didn't wear a white bra with a white shirt but she definitely had some headlight action going on. She is pictured here with NO BRA - can we say not a good idea at all! Oh and not to mention, nice face : )


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Boobs Support & Panty Patrol

It's true - whether they are young or old, real or fake, perky (now) or droopy -please ladies - give yourself some support. I spent my afternoon "out and about" and you wouldn't believe how many women I saw let 'em all hang out. After a very educational day I decided to come back and share some rules I think should strictly be enforced. You be the judge...

Over the years our bodies change - and so should our bras and panties.


  1. Never, ever, ever place your bras in the dryer- they come out in weird shapes and if you have an underwire FORGET ABOUT IT

  2. Wait at least one week after your period before buying new bras - trust me your boobs do change size - and if you don't believe me just ask your boyfriend, husband, significant other, girlfriend or mate ; )

  3. Focus on fit not fashion - well that is if you care how you are going to look with clothes on - now if you are going to have your clothes off FASHION FASHION FASHION

  4. Wear flesh or nude color bras with white shirts-white on white screams SUPER WHITE and you look like you have headlights

  5. Try your bras on before you purchase - you will not be the same size in every brand - NOW I am the biggest offender of this one but HEY I'm trying


  1. Wear white pants with COLORED panties-I thought this was a no brainer -yup I was wrong

  2. Wear a bra that is TOO tight- your boobs spill out from the top and your back gets wrinkles

  3. Wear a tube top without a bra - put one on if you need it- your boobs will thank me later

  4. Wear thongs that I can see - nobody wants to see your panties

  5. Go without PANTIES if I am going to see your "plumbers crack," enough said


MAN GIFT ALERT - Detachable Ring

Looking for something different, very unique, polished, and titanium...check out this hip ring featuring a brushed gun metal gray detachable band in the center from Just Metal. I love this ring - just not sure my guy could wear it without me always wanting to play with it.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Organically Grown Moisterizer

Inky Loves Nature a great site to purchase organically grown products. Like this 100% raw West African Shea butter. That's right PURE SHEA nothing else added. Unrefined Shea butter contains a bunch of healing ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and natural proteins not to mention it's a superior active moisturizer. This stuff works magic - it restores skin elasticity, helps with skin conditions, imperfections and aging. Here is your answer to help with eczema, dermatitis, wrinkles, dry cracked skin, and scars...need I say more?


Don't Just Fight Those Wrinkles - Erase Them

Yes, it's a fact - you will get older. But you don't have to accept it - fight it! Perscriptives arms you with a perfect weapon against aging eyes. Prescriptives Intensive Rebuilding Eye Cream ($65) is a hydrating eye cream that helps bring delicate skin around the eyes back to its youthful-looking state. Hydra Build complex helps to maximize the abundance of water in the skin while minimizing lines and wrinkles around the eyes.


Relatives - Recognize Any???

They talk with food in their mouth, pinch your cheeks when you visit, embarrass you ALL the time, give cheap gifts, or just weird this book is for YOU! 50 Relatives Worse Than Yours will have you rolling on the floor grabbing your sides from laughing so hard. And it might make you see that your relatives aren't so bad after all. 50 Relatives Worse Than Yours provides details and pictures of: The Cheek Pincher; Slutty First Cousin; Conversation Hijacker, Holiday Drunk and my favorite Grandpa Speedo (like you needed that visual). Whether you want to give as a gift or enjoy yourself it definitely will be an eye-opening experience and leave you with a new outlook on your family. Enjoy!!

Have Something to Hide...

Try these these Hide Boxes by Modern Twist ($26) make a perfect container for holding jewelry or any other small objects. This vintage Japanese design, provides you with a small portable container that is perfect for carrying your small, prized possessions. Use it when you travel or display on your dresser either way it is a beautiful, dainty container. The twist design is simply magnificent. I love it and have it on my dresser holding my rings.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Angeline Jolie, Nicole Ritchie and Tori Spelling will Envy YOU

Call all you stylish moms out there - or soon-to-be moms who don't want to lug around a huge, heavy diaper bag. Have a found a wonderful shoulder bag for you. It's nylon satin with leather trim and here is the kicker it has a WIPE-CLEAN INTERIOR!!!! no more spills causing stains, because trust me - YOU will spill something and now you can just wipe it worries. This sleek bag is also fitted with dual insulated side zip pockets for either hot or cold bottles. Yes, this bag has it all without the bulk of a traditional diaper bag. Oh and I almost forgot it comes with a folded micro-fiber padded changing mat. And these are just it's added features - as with all other Storksak bags a key-ring clip, detachable mirror, individual compartments for diapers, cell phones and change purses, are standard features. It is truly a bag that will have you screaming I'm a hot, hip mom. Get it while it's still available and ON SALE!!!!!

Break-up -- Who needs him?

He did your friend wrong..He's a jerk...whatever the case may be The Breakup Gram™ is the perfect gift for the girlfriend who's nursing a broken heart. This gift will bring a smile to her face and let her know that you are there for her. As she unwraps the package she will laugh when she sees it comes equipt with EXfoliant to wash him out of her life - EXpunging Candle to get rid of that evil EX - EXtreme Chocolate Therapy, which ever girl should have - EX-Boyfriend doll, so you can have a little fun kicking him to the curb and a customizable wishes in a bottle, you get to customize the wishes for your friend. So whether this was a long time over due or out of the blue The Breakup Gram will be sure to have your friend singing a new tune.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

All About LOVE

We all love a piece of fine jewerly RIGHT? Especially if it's Cartier. At least I do! So you know how delighted I was to see Cartier come out with a new addition to its LOVE Collection - you know the collection that not only looks great but supports various charities too. Cartier has worked with eight celebrities, using the bracelets to promote a specific charity. The silk bracelet color signifies their charity choice: Rosario Dawson: Youth AIDS, Red Bracelet Salma Hayek: The Salma Hayek Foundation, White Bracelet Scarlett Johansson: USA Harvest, Baby Pink Bracelet Spike Lee: Kanbar Institute of Film and Television, Purple Bracelet Edward Norton: Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, Green Bracelet Sarah Jessica Parker: UNICEF, Blue Bracelet Michael Stipe: Mercy Corps / Gulf Coast Recovery, Black Bracelet Liv Tyler: The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Deep Pink Bracelet. So get out there support your charity fashionably on your wrist.

Chocolate Without The Calories

Indulge without having to worry about how many hours you will have to put in at the gym this week. With these sweet smelling, delightful little chocolate soaps your next wash will be amazing. The box contains an aray of soaps sented with milk chocolate, cherry chocolate, peppermint and butterscotch and it will leave your bathroom smelling like a candy store and you will be GUILT FREE!!

Commando? Britney Spears Does

Do you ever go Commando? Sometimes. What?! It's summertime, so it's HOT! I am always trying to avoid UGLY panty lines whenever and however I can. So yes, occasionally I go "au naturale" under my clothes. But that's me. I'm risk taker. A rebel, if you will. And I can handle myself in public (sans undies) much better than most of young Hollywood. Which is why I was too excited to discover Commandos- it's soft cotton comfort without the panties! What are Commandos exactly? Commandos are a uniquely shaped disposable patch of cotton that safely sticks in the curved seam of your jeans or pants so you can go underwear free in cotton comfort and protection. And you can score a pack of 8 for about $16. So when you have a minute, check 'em out for yourself! And check this out, on Hump Day (Wednesday if you didn't know) they give you a free pair with EVERY order. Go Commando today!

Fall's Cutest Menswear-Inspired Dress

Ok I know some of us have trouble figuring out what we are going to wear tomorrow let alone next season. But I couldn't keep this Gap Shirtdress a secret. It's CUTE. It's FRESH and YES it's GAP which means it isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg. With a chic collar and full button front and French cuffs with button closure it's super basic but still stylish. I love this look and have already ordered mine from the website. I can see it now...the season of the shirt dress brought to you by GAP. So get in on one of fall's cutest menswear-inspired styles now. Visit Gap online to buy yours today.

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