Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gift Giving Guide For Guys

Here it is The Hip and Trendy Top Ten Guy Gifts

10. Help him fight the bird attack he was under. Wether it was his fault for parking under the tree or they just decided to gang up on him the Sh*! Kit enables him to remove that clear-coat-eating waste from his car.

9. Give any suit a little edge with these hip yet subtle skull cufflinks. Let your mans style shine.

8. You Rock My Walls from Urban Outfitters is the perfect way to show his taste in music. Quality reporductions of tour posters for historic concerts and more. Each one is a framed lithograph and ready to hang. Rock On.

7. Help your sleepless nights and stifle his snoring with this Sona Pillow from Brookstone. It has been clinically tested and will have you counting your Zzzz s in no time.

6. Nothing beats a well groomed man...here are a half dozen products from Anthony Logistics to keep him smooth and clean. And as a bonus there is a reusable tavel bag that fits snugly into the shoe compartment of his luggage. Small and tidy.

5. This rich velet blazer from Banana Republic will keep him warm and looking good this winter. It's the perfect jacket for those holiday parties or for a hip casual look.

4. Memory by Philosophy is a generously sized, sage-scented candle . Fill your surroundings with rich Sage, which helps to clear the mind and relieve stress, allowing you to unwind and remember times of love, laughter and joy.

3. The astroturf-clad cofee table book is ore than just a conversation piece. The Sports Book is the sports buff's bible. It is equipt with rules and game-winning strategies for more than 200 sports.

2. Like wine, beer should be served in a glass designaed to enhance its particular flabor and aroma. This classic Pilsner glass has a tapered shape that brings out the bst in the brew. And its monogrammable. What could be better than personalized beer glasses?

1. So he's great but does he ask for directions? Here is an easy-to-use Magellan Maestro GPS navigaion system. It has a large, 4.3" widescreen color tourch screen with intuitive user interface ad SiRF Star III chipset for fast GPS positioning and accuracy. It calculates routes by shortest time, distance or by type of route. This will ensure you get to all your holiday gatherings on time and without any discussion of directions.

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