Monday, December 24, 2007

Sweetface Not So Sweet - J-Lo

Long after the flop of her much-hyped Sweetface label, Jennifer Lopez is planning on taking legal action against fashion designer (and hen-pecked collaborator) Andy Hilfiger for his apparent lack of ability. The former partners split after the high-priced follow up to her moderately successful J.Lo line hit the skids after New York Fashion Week in 2005. (From the moment the first model stepped onto the crystal-covered catwalk, expectations were low among fashion editors and retailers who predicted "more flash than fashion." Go figure.)When the Sweetface label launched, Simon Doonan (creative director of New York's prestigious Barneys department store) told the Sun-Herald that the Lopez show lowered the standards of the industry event. "We have given celebrities these deranged feelings of omnipotence. She'll be doing brain surgery next," he said. (Oh, Simon. Be still my beating heart. Your quips are still funny two years after the fact.)The real problem seems to be that Jennifer actually took a bite out of her own bullsh*t sandwich, believing that women would pay gourmet restaurant prices for drive-through designs. And, while my heart goes out to Andy Hilfiger (who obviously had little or no say in the final fashion aesthetic) it would have saved him some grief in the long run if he'd just grown a backbone early in the process and kicked the designer-wannabe diva to the curb.Still, after all is said and done, I have one question left unanswered: Why Sweetface and not Sweetass?

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