Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Commando? Britney Spears Does

Do you ever go Commando? Sometimes. What?! It's summertime, so it's HOT! I am always trying to avoid UGLY panty lines whenever and however I can. So yes, occasionally I go "au naturale" under my clothes. But that's me. I'm risk taker. A rebel, if you will. And I can handle myself in public (sans undies) much better than most of young Hollywood. Which is why I was too excited to discover Commandos- it's soft cotton comfort without the panties! What are Commandos exactly? Commandos are a uniquely shaped disposable patch of cotton that safely sticks in the curved seam of your jeans or pants so you can go underwear free in cotton comfort and protection. And you can score a pack of 8 for about $16. So when you have a minute, check 'em out for yourself! And check this out, on Hump Day (Wednesday if you didn't know) they give you a free pair with EVERY order. Go Commando today!

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