Sunday, August 19, 2007

Boobs Support & Panty Patrol

It's true - whether they are young or old, real or fake, perky (now) or droopy -please ladies - give yourself some support. I spent my afternoon "out and about" and you wouldn't believe how many women I saw let 'em all hang out. After a very educational day I decided to come back and share some rules I think should strictly be enforced. You be the judge...

Over the years our bodies change - and so should our bras and panties.


  1. Never, ever, ever place your bras in the dryer- they come out in weird shapes and if you have an underwire FORGET ABOUT IT

  2. Wait at least one week after your period before buying new bras - trust me your boobs do change size - and if you don't believe me just ask your boyfriend, husband, significant other, girlfriend or mate ; )

  3. Focus on fit not fashion - well that is if you care how you are going to look with clothes on - now if you are going to have your clothes off FASHION FASHION FASHION

  4. Wear flesh or nude color bras with white shirts-white on white screams SUPER WHITE and you look like you have headlights

  5. Try your bras on before you purchase - you will not be the same size in every brand - NOW I am the biggest offender of this one but HEY I'm trying


  1. Wear white pants with COLORED panties-I thought this was a no brainer -yup I was wrong

  2. Wear a bra that is TOO tight- your boobs spill out from the top and your back gets wrinkles

  3. Wear a tube top without a bra - put one on if you need it- your boobs will thank me later

  4. Wear thongs that I can see - nobody wants to see your panties

  5. Go without PANTIES if I am going to see your "plumbers crack," enough said


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