Monday, August 20, 2007

Posh & Becks - Fashionable?

Posh and Becks are here to stay - and I can truly say I am happy about that, well ok, just the Becks. From his full suited body of hotness to his scantly-clad cover of W the Becks knows fashion. Now on the other hand we have Victoria. From the Spice Girls days of being the center of attention -while the other girls were wearing bold colors Posh stood out in her full black attire, while they smiled she scowled so it's no news while in LA and traveling the US Victoria's style, or lack-there-of is something we are going to recognize. Check out these two glimpses. Here she is pictured in skinny jeans and pumps - this definitely gets a wink from me - she looks well put together and the jacket and sunglasses complete the outfit.

On the flip side it looks like Victoria needs to read the BRA & PANTY RULES - no she didn't wear a white bra with a white shirt but she definitely had some headlight action going on. She is pictured here with NO BRA - can we say not a good idea at all! Oh and not to mention, nice face : )


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