Saturday, August 25, 2007

STOP Junk Mail

I rush to the mailbox, pull out this huge stack of mail thinking "wow there are a lot of people who love me or I must owe a lot of people a lot of money" but it's neither I am quickly slapped with the harsh reality of JUNK MAIL. We all get it - and it comes in different forms, from what looks like hand written envelopes to over sized junk newspapers. I am sick of it and have you ever wondered how many trees are being killed to just throw in the trash - well I did and that's when I found 41 Pounds . It was started by 3 brothers to reduce the amount of junk mail we receive. Did you know we receive approximately 41 pounds of junk mail PER YEAR. That's 100 million trees being destroyed just to fill your mailboxes with junk. And as if that wasn't enough the energy used to produce and dispose of junk mail exceeds 2.8 million cars. Yes, that's right by reducing your junk mail you are helping to SAVE THE PLANET. So check it out - Go to 41 Pounds today!

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