Monday, March 10, 2008

Environment and Humans Working Together - Well Maybe

Everybody knows that oysters sometimes have pearls in them. But what happens if, in some strange lightning flash, oysters all over the world started coughing up something besides pearls? I know what you are saying, "that would be great well, um, IF I KNEW WHAT THEY WOULD BE COUGHING UP." Ok, ok let me explain. Imagine this: You are on vacation and in the spirit of doing something difference you decide to go none other than oyster diving. Hey, stranger things have with me here. After looking for quite a while and gathering all you can, you spot an unusually shaped oyster shell poking up slightly taller than the others. As you head for it, you realize that this shell is really big! Maybe this is the one with a you work to get it open you realize this is no pearl but it sure a treasure - the oyster contains a SMART CAR. Wow what a find. The environment giving you something that helps the environment. Now that's working together. So in my perfect world man an environment would work together. But hey, that's just my dream. For other great information about Gulf oysters go to Be Oyster Aware and get informed about this treasure containing mollusk.

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