Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sex and Cheaper Car Insurance?

Car Insurance is one of the few things that are the most common in the society today. There are a few tricks that you can imply to get yourself a cheaper driver’s insurance. Some of them directly relate to which sex you belong to. This is not a follow up to another women driver joke. It is very true that women can get cheaper auto insurance when compared to male drivers. This in fact, has become general knowledge and it is even marketed by many insurance companies who offer insurance with lower premiums than males.
The fact of the matter insurance companies realize that WOMEN are better drivers. And insurance is cheaper for female drivers as they tend to make a lower number of claims for the insurance than the male drivers. The reason for cheaper insurance is something that is statistically proven. It is the case anywhere that women tend to create fewer accidents than men. This is because they are lesser aggressive drivers than men. Also, they choose cars that are less flashy and more oriented towards safety than men.
So there are many insurance companies that give out special women’s insurance. The most common of these can be found on the internet. Getting insurance with lower premiums can be of great advantage to you as you can save a lot of money. So go ahead flaunt your womenhood and get those cheaper rates. With the money you save there is room for more SHOES!!!Car Insurance

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