Monday, March 10, 2008

Tranquil Sleeping

Looking for the perfect night sleep? Everyone is...well, it is easier than you think and no Ambien required. First you should create your tranquil escape with soothing colors and lighting. Some great choices are rich chocolate and blue, light green and soft yellow, anything soothing to your eyes. Next REMOVE the TV. Yes, I repeat REMOVE the TV. It only creates a distraction and if you are trying to sleep no need for distractions. So now we have a tranquil room with no comes the fun part. Your bed. This is the most important part of your good night sleep. Make sure your bed suits you -not too firm, or too soft but just right. Have the right amount of pillow and the right thickness. One place that has great beds and mattresses is Time 4 Sleep Beds. They have a wide variety of bed; leather, wooden, children's, antique, french and metal, just to name a few. After checking out all of their styles my favorite is pictured above. It's a great leather bed at an affordable price and the great thing about this one it comes NEXT DAY! Which is great when you are setting up your sleeping oasis and want perfection as soon as possible. Check out Time 4 Sleep Beds and choose your perfect bed and mattress. Here's to a GREAT night sleep!

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