Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Get Your Tea Cakes From Luna

Love them or hate them, energy bars have improved considerably over the past ten years. No snack in a pack better illustrates that flavor progression than Luna's newest product, the Tea Cake. Tea cakes are somewhere between a protein bar and a cereal bar, only instead of retaining the worst of both (chalky taste, dry consistency) they tap into the best (easy to eat, energy-packed). They also taste delicious. The Vanilla Macadamia cake has a light swirly frosting that reminds me of pop tarts (that's a good thing in my book!). Apparently, the chewy bar also contains rooibus tea to help stabilize your mood. I'm not sure if I feel like my moods are more stable post-cake, but they definitely ward off low-blood sugar, which definitely takes a toll on my disposition.Like the other Luna products, the Tea Cake is marketed as food for women, but at least according to my male guinea pig, they taste good to dudes as well.

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