Saturday, September 15, 2007

WOW - Mui Mui Shoes With A Punch

I read magazines back to front; I don't know why I just do. Maybe its because I am weird or maybe because they always hide the good stuff in the back. Vogue certainly hid the best stuff in the back for their September issue ...Feast your eyes on these Mui Mui shoes. Oh my ... I have never seen anything like it. Prada took the most boring conservative shoes that she could find and added the world's most bubble gum infused heel she could find. The results are breathtaking. The mixture of classic and kicky is done in such a brilliant way (yes shoes can be brilliant) that any woman could wear them; from a pink loving gal like Paris Hilton to a down-to-earth woman like yourself. I would dress very conservatively with these punchy pumps by wearing a chocolate brown long sleeved wrap dress with minimal jewelry, perhaps a simple silver pendant. Then pow! Here come the shoes.Careful these shoes will have heads turning like crazy and you will get so many compliments yours will spin. Oh and it's sad but true, they will leave your wallet a bit dizzy too, these shoes cost $720, a small price to pay for being fabulous.

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Foxy said...

Thay look so beautiful

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