Friday, September 14, 2007

Smoky Eyes in 4 Steps

Here's a newsflash for you: the smoky eye is back! Actually, never went out. We've been ringing our eyes every fall since the kohl eyeliner pencil was invented, so it's about time we all learn how to do this technique (myself included).Over at DIY Life, Heather Craven put together a step-by-step manual for this sultry makeup look. Essentially, all you need is three shades of eyeshadow and a couple of good brushes. The actual application can be boiled down into four steps:

1. Start by applying the highlight color to your brow line and upper lid. This gives your eyes an added illusion of size.

2. Apply the middle color from your lashes to the highlighted area of your lid. Be sure to blend the mid color and the lightest color to avoid any harsh lines between the two.

3. Apply the darkest color along the lashes. Then use your finger to blend the dark color with the medium color.

4. Follow this up with a good, quality mascara and you will have a set of sexy eyes to show off to just about anybody. It might sound stupid, but I've long wondered about the blending part of makeup application.

Do you use a brush, a Q-tip or is it your finger? Now I know the answer -- so thanks Heather. My smoky eyes thank you in advance.

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