Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Great Grooming with Salon Prices

Let's face it waxing can be a drag. It's not the pain that gets me -- I actually enjoy that part -- it's everything leading up the waxing that is painful. Finding the time in the day to schedule an appointment, driving across town to go to the salon, and don't even get me started on the money. So it's always nice to have a cheaper at home alternative to getting lovely brows. As you know, an at home eyebrow grooming can be a dangerous thing without the proper tools. If you aren't careful you can walk away with uneven and over-plucked brows, and well you just might look like you drew some arches above your eyes - which I NEVER recommend. That is why eyebrow waxer to the stars, Anastasia, has created a line that helps you achieve professional results at home.I had been eying Anastasia's products for some time at my local Sephora. The thought of not having to be a slave to the salon was quite appealing. What wasn't appealing was the price tag on Anastasia's kit. So today when I opened my Sephora Insider's email I was delighted to see a brand new limited edition kit from Anastasia for only $45. The kit includes a pair of tweezers, miniature scissors, and four stencils all in an adorable case – perfection. Practice definitely makes perfect with any at home brow grooming, but I do believe that this will help cut down on my visits to the salon.

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