Thursday, September 13, 2007

Green the NEW Pink for Victoria's Secret

Ah! Everywhere you turn someone is going "green." I am torn on my feelings about this. On one hand it's good because it helps to save the planet. On the other hand, we have to ask, "Are people really going 'green' or just being trendy?"

There is no real green-o-meter as far as I know, so how can we know what is "green" and what is jumping on a marketing bandwagon? All of my crazy theories aside, yes it's true, another company has gone green.

Fashion Week Daily reports that Green is the New Pink, Victoria's Secret is now "green" so our underwear can be eco-friendly too! Last December the lingerie giant agreed to adopt eco-friendly alternatives for its mass mailing business. Oh thank goodness, does that mean I won't get seven different catalogs a week?

Victoria's Secret's Pink line, which is aimed at a younger set of shoppers, will be launching mini collections of environmentally friendly garments. The eco-friendly Pink line will include fleece tees, tank tops, and accessories that are made of organic cottons. Victoria Secret believes that going "green" is just becoming a part of our daily lives and are very pleased with their environmentally conscious efforts. To tell you the truth, if I actually start getting fewer catalogs, I will be pleased too.

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