Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year


To all those who have touched my life this past year - thank you
To the friends I have been able to reconnect with you - I cherish you
And to all of those I have grown closer to you - may we experience the joys of 08 together

For 2008 may you work hard, love harder
cry a little, laugh a lot more
live for the moment, yet impact each day
kiss often, and hug every chance you get
be yourself not what others think you should be
live up to your potential because it is endless
make sure you smile everyday - as you are alive
so don't spend the day killing others
Love yourself
Love your family
Love those who truly care about you
Bring peace
make a difference this year
be selfless

May your 2008 be filled with all of you dreams and desires
and as you celebrate surround yourself with TRUE friends and Family
one day they will be all that you have
Cherish those who cherish you

In peace, love and good fortune

Happy New Year!

The Hip and Trendy

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