Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pumping Iron and Mountain Pose

Looking for a new way to slim down, firm up and destress from head to toe then get ready for Iron Yoga. Iron Yoga combines the benefits of yoga with weight training.

The Iron Yoga Warm-Up Sequence is designed to awaken your muscles and prepare your body for the invigorating workout that follows. Most important, this sequence will help you connect with all the muscle groups of your body. Developing a steady breathing rhythm and synchronizing the movement with the breath are the essence of Iron Yoga.
The foundation pose for this warm-up is one of the most basic yoga poses ‑- Mountain Pose. Mountain Pose improves your posture and focus. Chair pose, which you'll also be doing in this sequence, generates heat and warmth in your body. After eight breaths in this pose, your legs will be screaming! Classes are starting to pop up everywhere - check out your local health club for an Iron Yoga class near you. And if you want to try it at home check out this great Iron Yoga DVD.

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