Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bringing It Back

Whatever is old is cool again. Not to mention hot. If you find basic high-heel pumps a bit boring, or if you'd just like to add a little retro sole to your repertoire, take a walk on the wilder side. There's a real Old Hollywood vibe to many of these designs and a bold glamour that somehow works perfectly with the clean lines and austere palette of this season's top fashion trends. Playfully revealing peep-toes continue to tempt us (and yes, we can pair them with opaque tights during the colder months), but check out those nattily styled t-strap pumps for even more nostalgic cred. Ankle and criss-cross strappy pairs are probably the sexiest of the crop, but don't forget that more subtle style, the slingback. (It's so streamlined and ladylike that you can easily wear it to the office, but it'll be party-pretty as well.) Peep-toe cutouts, and all manner of strap configurations, are topping every shoe design imaginable — from casual flats to stratospheric wedges — so you're bound to find your perfect pair. Here's is one you should check out: Madeline Chatterbox

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