Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Laser Hair Removal - At Home - Yeah Right

Ok to say I was skeptical when I first saw the TRIA Personal Laser Hair Removal device would be an understatement. Immediately I thought to myself "this is just another over-priced scam preying on my fellow dark haired damsels." But me being me I researched further and dug deept to find all the information I could about this product. Reading the site I found all the same restrictions and precautions they tell you when considering laser hair removal. Don't use if your sunburn, or if you have tan, dark, self-tanned skin, or on medication that makes you sensitive to light and the list goes on and on. Kind of makes you wonder if laser hair removal is really worth it...but then I stumbled upon Nadine Baggott's review and according to Nadine it seems to work. Check it out here. Even though it's a hefty price to pay can you really put a price tag on being hair free.

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