Monday, January 14, 2008

Are YOU Ready To Live Together?

OK it seems to be the topic as of friends and I have been discussing how you know if you are ready to live with someone. I've received a wide variety of answers but everyone seems to say the same thing...It will make or break your relationship. So consider these things before you take the PLUNGE:

1. If you don't know his middle name - DON'T DO IT - So maybe his middle name isn't exactly newsworthy but hey you need to know more about him than he's a hot guy with a nice ass. Although those things defiantly help.

2. You are going to have to work harder at being mysterious - now I'm not talking about the Houdini disappearing acts we all tend to have at one time or another (OK so we ARE just ignoring their calls) it's hard to hide when you live with him. And he will see you at every stage...I'm not talking about just when you are all prim and proper. So if you are willing to work hard at keeping yourself fresh (I suggest by reading this blog) then you are ready to move it.

3. If your relationship is on the rocks, moving in will send it over the edge. OK you all are having issues and you aren't in close quarters EVERYDAY and WEEKENDS too. He annoys you now, so how do you think you are going to feel when he leaved the toilet seat up and toenail clippings on the bathroom floor....believe me you won't be singing his praise - I'm thinking of a scene where clothes are flying from the windows.

Take it from me ... make sure you are ready to move in before you's not something to do on a whim and unless you want the 8- year- living- together- hi- this- is- my -live- in- significant- other for the rest of your life...make sure your relationship is headed where you want it to go...

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