Friday, February 8, 2008

Are They Special? Let Them Know

Here are some romantic ways to let that special someone know you really care:

1. Put it in writing: Edie Raether, author of Sex for the Soul says, "A handmade card means much more than an expensive gift. It is the thought that counts!"

2. Go out and buy something you know your date wants, but hasn't gotten around to purchasing.

3. Those who listen get to have deeper, more meaningful connections. If you show a genuine interest, they will go to a deeper level of sharing with you.

4. At your date's place and getting ready to leave? I put a cute note on her pillow.

5. Find out your date's favorite childhood meal and fix some surprise comfort food.

6. Call your date's voicemail at work and leave a wonderful message in the a.m. so when they get in, that is the first thing the person hears.

7. Write a love letter. Tell that special someone not what you like about them, but how and why what you like makes your life better.

8. Send flowers—even to men. Not your style? Send a bouquet of balloons - they cheer anyone up.
9. Spend some quiet time together, lying on the couch or sitting by the fire.
10. Express your appreciation face-to-face in a way the other person can't discount.

Using any of these tips will ensure that your date always feels honored, respected and valued. And that is something you always want to accomplish. For more romantic tips visit Romance For Everyone . Also, always remember to always be honest to yourself and the other person and your love will be sure to flourish. Don't let breakups get you down.

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