Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rowland Has Natural Voice But Other Parts Enhanced

Kelly Rowland is a beautiful R&B singer, with her amazing voice she makes ears around the world smile. Kelly has always loved her voice but that wasn't the case with her breasts. Being an A cup she didn't feel like that was enough. So she did what a lot of women are doing these days...she got a "boob job." Going from an A cup to a B cup doesn't seem like a big difference to most but they look natural and for some that is all they want - an enhanced natural look. While some may say breast agumentations are ridiculous others flock to the plastic surgeons and have had multiple augmentations. For me multiple augmentations is a little overboard however I feel if you are happy with yourself and just want a little Breast Augmentation and/or enhancement who am I to judge. Just don't think that getting bigger boobs or your tummy tucked or any cosmetic surgery is going to COMPLETELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE because it isn't. And make sure you are doing it for yourself...not to get a partner, or gain attention, etc. because you will be disappointed and the amount of pain isn't worth it. So go ahead flaunt what you have or enhance it and flaunt it just the same. Either way LOVE YOURSELF!

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