Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Will It Last Past V-day? Relationship Red Flags

You watch the red flags glare back at you, but gosh, he’s just so good-looking. So you dismiss them in favor of seeing where the relationship will go. The problem with turning a blind eye to those red flags of a relationship in the making is that eventually they’ll come back to haunt you. You could end up hurt and resentful, even though it was you who could have prevented it. The following are six red flags and warning signals of a doomed relationship.

Find out why the following relationship red flags should have you saying “Next!” when it comes to embarking on a new relationship.

1. He still lives at home
More and more adults are still living at home these days.So if it’s more common, should it really be considered a relationship red flag?Yes! Men who still live at home are usually in no hurry to grow up, become independent or financially responsible. Are those the kind of traits you really want in a future partner?

2. He never invites you over
He’s quick to suggest hanging out at your place but never offers up his own digs.This could clearly be a sign of concealment and should definitely be considered as a relationship red flag.Maybe his home includes a family he’s not telling you about. Or maybe he's a hopeless slob whose home resembles the aftermaths of a hurricane. Never inviting you over (or never wanting to be seen in public with you, not giving you contact info, giving you vague answers, etc.) could mean he’s cheating on someone else or it could simply mean that he’s embarrassed of something.Whatever it is, you want a potential future partner to be open and honest with you about simple things.

3. He’s moving too quickly.Be aware of someone who moves at the speed of light when trying to win you over.Moving too quickly is usually a sign that he’s uncomfortable being by himself or he’s looking for a woman to help solve his problems. Asking for intimacy or marriage too quickly or spilling loads of very personal information all point to desperation.

If you do nothing else, at least take heed of these relationship red flags, no matter how great his other attributes may be.It could be the difference between inevitable heartache and happiness with another man who only flies with the color green.

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