Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lucky Numbers - 7, 43, 18, 52, 25

They say some people were born with good fortune. I'm not sure I totally believe that...I think you create your own fortune. You know "what you put out into the universe you get back." But who knows...maybe the magic lies in fortune cookies and if that is the case then lately I can't even get a good fortune in my fortune cookies. Last week, I got one that said, "It is better to be the subject of ridicule than the subject of disgust." (Huh? Is that even a fortune?!) Should I see this as a sign??? Enough about me and my misfortune...

To help you get your fortune cookie style on, I've put together a list of my favorite accessories (sure to bring you good fortune, and hopefully a few compliments):

"Confucius Says You Suck" Fortune Tee at smartasscookie.com
"Eat Me" Fortune Cookie Boy Short Panties at fortuneteeshirt.com
Amy Secrest Fortune Cookie Bracelet at shanalogic.com
Rachel Leigh Fortune Cookie Necklace at shopbop.com
Silver Fortune Cookie Key Ring at papershowcase.com
Handmade Plush Fortune Cookie at tafriendly.com
Jimmy Crystal Black Fortune Cookie Pill Box at jcbling.com
Fortune Cookie Coin Purse at plumparty.com

Wishing you good fortune and some laughs while you are at it

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